Manchester United Lebanon are delighted to be able to offer home tickets to official Manchester United members only.


Really! How does this work?

You have to be an official Manchester United member in order to purchase a ticket.

What’s an official Manchester United member and how can I become one?

Everything you need to know about becoming an official Manchester United member can be found here!

OK! So I’m an official Manchester United member now.. How do I buy my ticket?

It’s quite simple! As an official member, you are required to inform us of your interest at least 5.5 weeks before the date of a match. We buy your ticket and a couple of weeks before the game you receive an email confirmation with your seat number and ticket price. Your ticket is not paper based; you enter the stadium using your personal membership card.

Ticket Prices:
  • Ticket prices range between $50 - $100
  • We can't select your seat or stand
  • One membership card purchases one ticket only
  • Any application submitted after the deadline is considered void
  • Priority for the tickets marked as 'Limited' go to members who bought/renewed their membership BEFORE 1 August 2017.

Ticket Application Deadlines for the 2017/2018 season:

Match Date Fixture Deadline
West Ham United Sun 13 Aug Tue 04 Jul
Leicester City Sat 26 Aug Tue 18 Jul
Everton FC Sun 17 Sep Tue 08 Aug
Crystal Palace Sat 30 Sep Tue 22 Aug
Tottenham Hotspur Sat 28 Oct Tue 19 Sep
Newcastle Sat 18 Nov Tue 10 Oct
Brighton Sat 25 Nov Tue 17 Oct
Manchester City Sat 09 Dec Tue 31 Oct
AFC Bournemouth Tue 12 Dec Tue 31 Oct
Burnley FC Tue 26 Dec Tue 14 Nov
Southampton FC Sat 30 Dec Tue 21 Nov
Stoke City Sat 13 Jan Tue 05 Dec
Huddersfield Sat 03 Feb Tue 26 Dec
Chelsea FC Sat 24 Feb Tue 16 Jan
Liverpool FC Sat 10 Mar Tue 30 Jan
Swansea City Sat 31 Mar Tue 20 Feb
West Bromwich Albion Sat 14 Apr Tue 06 Mar
Arsenal FC Sat 28 Apr Tue 20 Mar
Watford FC Sun 13 May Tue 03 Apr

Is there any other way to watch United?

For hospitality packages and Season ticket information for the 2017/2018 season please visit www.manutd.com


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